Sunday, May 16, 2010

ارهابي في مطار تورنتوhussam canada

I'm a left wing liberal, most of the time, but I really hate political correctness. I am a fat/obese Polock! I hear there is a movement afoot to change the word obese! Come on now! Not only am I obese, I AM A FAT FUCKER. The only word I will not use is the "N" word (historical reasons). Now that goes for anyone in my bar, no matter what color you are. I will get in your face if you are black or a skinhead. Use it twice and get the fuck out. I have employed fags, lazy mexicans (yes they are legal Arizona!), blacks, rag heads, emotional cripples and well... women...

Have I offended you yet? If I have, you don't get it, so you might as well get the fuck out.

I have always had a regular cab driver. Usually a rag head, but white trash (yes I am part white trash) is a close second. They don't make great money off my small fares, but I am regular money. And once in awhile, I can send some big fares their way. I develop a relationship with them. When I have an emergency, they have been there. Some even bring me dinner. But boiled lamb and rice just doesn't do it for me. As they quit jobs or areas, they have to find me a new personal driver.

My current rag head driver finds stereotypes as funny as I do. He obviously passed that on to his kid who wore a towel to school on Halloween.

In that vein, he sent me this video tonight.

I blame him for me being on the FBI watchlist...

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