Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloody Pus...

You really can't call this a blog yet. But I started reading great blogs and I wanted to be as good as them. I'm drunk so I can't figure out how to link their blogs, but I need to reconize them:

Nurse K: Angry bitter divorcee, who is a hell of a nurse... (Still Bitter Tho...)
Jason Mulgrew: Great stupid stories until he got a book deal... then kinda got old
Waiter Rant: Great stories until he got a book deal... then he thought his outside life was interesting.
Jack's Texas Music... The absolute best stories have been removed from his blog. They were mostly involving his police work. He could tell a story that made you believe you were there with him. Even his fiction was awesome. Last I checked, he was telling tourist stories...
Happy Hospitalist: Nurse K describes him best as a total Metrosexual.... I think he is must be Jewish because he totally fits the stereotype.
Momma Fargo: Just read her..
Press Hard 3 Copies: Not sure if he can post anymore (never good to be honest in the police department)... Ask Johnny Law, Jack and so many others)
Erstories.Net... Bloody pus passed on

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