Friday, March 5, 2010


I own a bar

I have a blog on my bar's, myspace page. It has about 4 regular readers. I just want to write my thoughts here, as I really don't have anywhere else to let them out. It's not for you, but me. I only write when I am drunk... so my grammer, syntax, punctuation or spelling is probably fucked up. You may find my thoughts, stories and lies boring or poorly told. I love the art of the story teller. And I hope by this, I can improve my story telling skills.

My bar is in the Ronald Reagan portion of California. More precisely, the Jesse James portion. More specifically, the wannabe Jesse James portion. In the very unlikely event that any person who knows me, my bar or any of my stories... I will never use a real name in my posts.

My bartender tells me tonight, that she is afraid she maybe pregnant. It's her unemployed... ex-con... dirt-bag husband... who hasn't worked in a year's fault!!!

Lack of responsibility pisses me off.. "SO STACY... YOU ARE FUCKING 30! YOU USE BIRTH CONTROL... RIGHT?" "Well yeah.. I use the rhythm method." I ask if she knows what they call people who use the rhythm method? "Nooooo..." "PARENTS!"

"BUT IT IS STILL HIS FAULT!!! she declares..." Ok Stacy, how is it his fault when you should know your cycle as well as he does? "BECAUSE WHEN I AM OVULATING AND HE IS READY TO CUM, HE ALWAYS LETS ME KNOW AND I STICK IT IN MY ASS OR SUCK IT CLEAN! BUT HE CAME INSIDE!!!"

ok then...

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